Years of involvement in foreign markets have taught us the importance of marketing strategies adapted to the partner country’s needs.

gepa2 GmbH is one of the very first names that springs to mind when it’s about conceptual design, organisation and realisation of business delegation trips, symposia and events around the health sector.
For more than 20 years gepa2 GmbH has been organising special trips for experts, managing directors, leaders in the German health sector and suppliers of hospitals in the Gulf region.
Mr Christian Lindenau, managing director of gepa2 GmbH, is well known and highly respected in the Arab world. He is known as extremely reliable and thorough and also as a great network builder. As a result it is possible to generate top level contacts on either side.
Additionaly gepa2 GmbH has organised trips for its Arab clients to Germany, Switzerland and also to Austria.
gepas2’s main goal has always been to visit the most modern clinical facilities and to be able to organise talks with top-level representatives from the medical world and the health sector in general.


gepa2 GmbH is a highly specialised agency in the field of foreign-trade oriented marketing activities co-operating with institutions at home and abroad, e.g. the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Berlin, the German Federal Ministry of Health, Berlin, the Umm Al-Quwain Chamber of Commerce and Indsutry (UAE), the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Doha/Qatar, and well-known small and medium-sized companies.

  • preparing for new export markets
  • developing tailormade sales strategies
  • co-operation partners world-wide

gepa2 GmbH has been authorised as a mandatary on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology in the framework of the sales promotion projects for many years. The projects are meant to  initiate and intensify commercial contacts between medium-sized companies in Germany and the partner countries world wide by giving practical information and helping to find business partners and selected projects.

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The decision makers trips have their geographic centres in the Arab countries and in Eastern and Central Europe.

We organise your projects abroad!

Whether to Asia, Latin America, Europe, Central America, the Middle East or wherever you would like to go – we will accompany you from the preparatory planning all the way through to its realisation!
Economic unions, trade associations and societies of common interest representing small and medium-sized businesses are expressing an increased interest and commitment to organising individual functions for their members abroad, carried out by professionally organised agencies. This is what we offer you in tried and true form – available as planners, organisers and executers with many years of experience and direct relationships with the local industry, chambers, private as well as governmental institutions and representatives of the German embassies in your target region.
Speak to us and together with our experts outline in which markets you seek concrete sales potential. Let us know with whom you would like to engage in direct and personal business negotiations on site. Bring your decision carriers and the partners in your target region together with our support. Plan your project abroad with us – from the preparatory planning, cost calculation and identification of your participants all the way through to the travel and execution program including the goals you would like to achieve with the project. As the manager of your organisation open the doors to new markets for the enterprises whose interests you represent with an individually organised event or function.

Our services for your enterprises (a few examples):

– Selection of your target region corresponding to selected factors
– Cost calculation
– Course of travel
– Program creation
– Creation of professional subject documents
– Briefings about general commercial and industrial conditions
– Identification and addressing of participating enterprises
– Determining target region contacts and interlocutors
– General conditions
– Translation service
– Hotel selection
– Transportation
– Creation of highlights
– Competence meetings
– Press conferences
– Media coverage and reviews
– Organisation and execution of project course

gepa2 GmbH

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